IMG_4263The minute we got our construction permit, we started breaking things—in a good way, of course.  Bob and Chris dove straight into the dirty work and we are now rolling with construction.   Some of the initial interior work involved trenching in order to run some plumbing throughout the building.  They have also been working fast to get the metal framing up for the walls of the kitchen area.   They’ve also been getting the bathrooms and office ready for my use so I can work in there while the construction continues.


Meanwhile, outside there is a lot of landscaping and concrete work commencing.   We needed a Bobcat to dig up areas surrounding the building and Chris was nice enough to offer me the chance to drive it.  Did I take him up on his offer? NOPE.  Wanted to. But NOPE.   He said it’s just like video games and am I good at video games? NOPE! I feared that my horrible video game skills would drive me straight through a wall of my warehouse.  Didn’t feel like paying for some unnecessary damage.  Ya know?

Chris tells me that a lot of progress will be made in the initial stages , but then will slow down, and then pick up again.  I guess it’s the natural progression of stuff like this.  We are praying that weather permits us to continue as scheduled and if all goes well we should be opening at the end of June/early July.  Yet again *crossing my fingers*!!!  Will keep you posted as construction continues!