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I had the green light from my contractor to start painting the office area of my building.  He offered to have the painting done for me but I told him I’d like to have a painting party with all my friends.

It was an excuse to get all the buddies to come over, have some pizza, and get our hands dirty.   But before I did that, I needed to pick the colors for the walls I was going to paint.

I wanted the building to have the same personality as my brand—something younger and bright.  I absolutely love buildings that have brightly colored walls,  much like many companies in San Francisco that have cool and hip studio lofts with bold colors everywhere.

photo 23

This was something I wanted for my building and I felt like it would create a more enjoyable environment for my clients.

I decided to use the same exact colors in my logo as the main colors for my walls.  I planned out the colors for each room, picked up cans and cans of paint, and told my friends to come in raggedy painting clothes.

It was nice having everyone together getting the job done and seeing the office area get a little more character. I had my pup Kona pose in front of the colorful walls so you could see.  Don’t you love the colors?!

Thanks to all my friends who came by to get the job done! Couldn’t have done it without you guys.

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