Just read a great article by Bob Krummert that was posted in Restaurant Hospitality about an online service that is available through FoodTruckRental.com.  For many chefs & food business owners out there who are uncertain about wanting to dive into the huge investment of owning a food truck, this website is perfect because it gives you the opportunity to rent a food truck in your local area and see if this business makes sense for you.  Also for those of you who may only need a truck for short term events, food truck rentals are right up your alley.

The site, self-described as a platform to connect truck owners with truck renters, is nothing fancy. It works this way. First, truck owners post a profile of the fully equipped and permitted truck they have for rent; then interested truck renters search profiles by zip code or description. From there, it’s up to the owner and potential renter to hammer out the details.

Check out Bob’s article for the scoop!  Read more here!