When we were searching for a property for this commercial kitchen/commissary business, I had a few criteria.  I wanted a decent sized warehouse for the kitchens, enough office space that would provide a level of comfort for my clients, a yard so I can park food trucks and offer commissary services, and lastly, it had to be in Fremont.

Well, it was pretty tough to find options with all these criterion included.  The yard was the deal breaker.  Barely any yards in an already limited selection of properties.   Strangely I found my property on craigslist AND my mom found the same one on a realtor property listing.  I guess you could say it was meant to be.  It had a decent sized yard but the warehouse and office were a little large for my needs, but it was the only property in Fremont with the kind of yard that I needed.  It was also more expensive since I was getting so much more square footage.   A choice had to be made.  Keep the yard and all the extra space? Or lose it and maybe find something else?  So we went for it and now I have a ginormous awesome property.  Although it was more than I needed, I am optimistic and see it as an opportunity to expand and not be stifled by space limitations.  So many things I can do!

Here are some pictures of the building as I purchased it.  A good amount of work to do to get it cleaned up and renovated for my business, but once it is done, it’ll be absolutely amazing!