Although I am just now beginning to write about my business, this journey really started a very long time ago.

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In 2010, I had quit my marketing job of three years to BAKE.  Who does that?! I thought, “Hey, I’m not bad at baking, my job kinda sucks right now—long hours, lots of travel, no raise—so, hey, let’s start a baking business.”

So I did.  I pursued the baking business for about a year.  It  is affectionately called “Freakin’ Sweet Bakery.” I know you love the name. =)  I spent months creatively designing new desserts and try new techniques I’ve never done before.  You can see all my Freakin’ Sweet creations here.  However, I soon realized that I needed something more in my life.  I felt like my future was so uncertain and that maybe I had made a mistake in quitting my job.  I needed a more solid business to rely on.  Then I thought, “I know, I’ll start my own food truck!”  So I spent a long time researching and getting excited about starting a mobile truck.  But as I explored and investigated all the requirements, I found out that the commercial kitchen and commissary business was a good market to get into in the Bay Area.  So my direction quickly turned toward this really uncertain path, with a very heavy price tag.

With the idea in my head, and the advice, direction, and support from my parents and boyfriend (my “board of directors”), we dedicated months to crunching numbers, conceptualizing the business, and researching, researching, researching, researching.


We wavered back and forth—“Is this a good idea? Is it worth the investment? Is it a bad idea?” We had to be sure.  Until one day, we ultimately decided, “LET’S DO THIS!”  Not too long after, I found a warehouse in Fremont and pulled the trigger.  I bought it and now we had a space to build my light bulb of an idea.

Along with my “board of directors” and contractor, I’ve been working for months getting the business set up and working tirelessly to get our construction plans approved through various departments in the City of Fremont and in Alameda county.  We have encountered many surprises along the way, some that cause weeks in delays, and others that cause hefty checks to be written.  It’s been stressful, tearful, scary but definitely exciting.

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We are now awaiting our final approval on our construction plans from the City of Fremont.  I am hoping that we will get a big, fat “APPROVED” stamp and we are given permission to break ground on construction.  However, if this process has taught me anything, it has been to push when you can, let go when it’s out of your hands, expected the unexpected and be PATIENT.  ***Crossing my fingers***

I am anxious to get the construction going and can’t wait to show you what’s coming next.  I look forward to sharing the upcoming struggles and successes with you as well as retelling some past experiences along this journey.  Stay tuned and let’s look anxiously toward the ribbon cutting grand opening!