It is completely natural and expected for there to be glitches in a project of this magnitude.   As of a result, I’ve learned to expect the worst-case scenario.   It was a common occurrence for me to be approached and told, “Kathy, we’ve got a problem.”  My response eventually became, “Of course we have a problem!” in my enthusiastic sarcastic voice!  The list of issues included a damaged tree to be chopped down, troublesome soil, attempted copper pipe theft resulting in flooding, unavailable materials, unexpected requirements from the inspectors, and I’m sure many more to come.  A lot of these issues were things that I would never have expected to deal with in my life so there was uncertainty with how to resolve the problems.  There was also a lot of pressure to keep the ball rolling in order to open our doors as soon as possible.   Eventually I learned that there were things that I could not change and that everything happens for a reason.  I knew that all the guys working on the building were working diligently and I had faith that everything was being done to meet our deadline.  The only losses I experienced as a result of these setbacks were a little bit of time and money, but no matter how many times I was told that there was a problem, there was always, ALWAYS a resolution.   Being faced with the repeated glitches really reminded me to take things in a stride and relax which was a lesson I was thankful to have learned.  I think it’s a good reminder for people every now and then.